Baby room no more – we’re toddlin’


Baby room no more! We’re toddling and more importantly climbing now. We removed his crib rails, and our conversion kit isn’t here yet, so he’s got a platform bed shoved in the corner for the time being. This bed was the Kalon Studios Caravan crib in red.  We didn’t think we should let him climb in and out. Some people feel OK about that, but we did not. He’s an expert climber and his Little Gym teacher saw this coming months ago. He’s done great for two nights and three naps. He’s not abusing the freedom. Not yet anyway. This afternoon he fell asleep with a book. He is 19 months old and his bookshelf and dresser have the safety straps on them, so his room is completely baby-proofed and we like to look at him on our video monitor. We have the Nest camera and we recommend it.

This is the conversion kit we’re expecting. It will turn this bed into a very chic little daybed.

This also made me really happy that we’ll be continuing with the crib-sized mattress for a while, because I didn’t feel guilty buying him two fun new crib sheets from Hannah Andersson over the weekend.

Current crib sheet is from Land of Nod. Sure, it always appears in girly context, but I bought this when I was designing a gender-neutral nursery as I didn’t find out the sex of my baby until it was born.

We got the vintage kids Casalino chairs at a very good vintage market in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The tassel garlands are leftover decorations from his first birthday party and the carpet was designed by FLOR.

I loved making his 1st birthday decor match his stuff, and I kind of knew I wouldn’t be able to throw it away and I would want to string it up out of reach in his room.

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Guest room – Baby foot painting

This is a corner of our ever-evolving guest room. Guest rooms tend to have hand-me-down furniture and this is no exception. The bed is the full size bed we shared in our tiny apartment in New York City. The trunk does not fit the style of our house at all, but it’s a treasure trash piece I found in NYC.

guest room

My son and I have been working on some paintings together. He adds slashes and strokes and sometimes a footprint here and there. I couldn’t bring myself to paint over the feet in the painting below. I painted around them.

foot print - abstract little boy watching videos

My little guy is addicted to Chu Chu TV and it’s a special treat for him to get to sit in here at this big desk and watch.
Those vintage pennants were purchased at this Antique Expo we love for $1 each and they’re strung onto a piece of twine.
The paint color in this room is Benjamin Moore – Gray Owl.

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Playroom Before & Afters


I’m going to keep working on getting more before & afters for this space, and continue to show how the space evolves as my son is starting to ask to play down here more. (The ability to ask is brand spanking new.)

We had a bit lot of work done by contractors. Carpet freaks us out. We had the wall-to-wall carpet removed and we uncovered some pretty disgusting and wavy concrete floors. There was a lot of black, gluey residue stuff, so instead of an easy sealed concrete job, it was a messy chemical rich job to remove all the lines of tar or whatever was down there. We were just going for an industrial raw concrete look and it took a lot of noisy work to get there. We got them sealed with a matte finish. Then we realized at basement level the floors were hella cold, so we got FLOR carpet tiles. It started as two joined area rugs and I kept adding margins because I enjoyed the coziness (and we didn’t want our toddler smashing his head on the concrete) so it’s nearly covered with wall-to-wall FLOR carpet tiles.

  • Carpet was ripped out
  • Concrete was diamond sanded, roughly patched then sealed
  • Wall, baseboard and paint repair happened, a closet got finished-out
  • FLOR Carpet tiles installed and other furnishings
  • Tons of decorative art projects ensued to start trying to fill wall space

The wall work was intense. Since carpet was taken out, then the baseboards were floating, so they were all removed and repaired or replaced. The walls were paneled which is so much fun, so they got smoothed out. There were also tons of extraneous air vents and things that weren’t being used, so a lot of those got patched over. My painter is a miracle worker. He’s really expensive, but he’s magical and a pleasure to work with.  playroom_sofa_corner_before_after


You can click on the photos for hi-res viewing.
The dots of the wall behind the teepee are just cut-outs from a 3″ diameter hole punch from the craft store. They’re up there with double stick tape. It’s a variety of scrapbook papers. This was one of my baby-proof decor ideas. These dots are also helping me out by creating movement on a pretty big blank wall. I just stuck them all up high enough that he can’t reach them.

We found the awesome card table and chair set at the final hour of an antique sale here in Arkansas. The guy just didn’t want to have to drag it back home, so we got such a deal I’m still giggling with pride. The chairs are in fantastic condition but the table is scratchy enough that I have no paranoia about it being in a playroom. Let the good times roll!

Everything framed in the playroom is in a plexiglass poster frame. No glass frames allowed in the playroom. We throw balls in (parts of) this house.
My son picks up canvases and holds them up against the wall to mimic how I try to imagine which art to put where.

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Playroom booty

We, and I use the term loosely, are photographing the playroom today. Playroom booty

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